It is important to research the neighborhood and area where you are considering your home purchase. Below are a few common links my buyers have found helpful when researching Puget Sound-area neighborhoods and municipalities. Please let me know if you have questions or need additional support in your research!

Seattle Zoning & Map Links

School Links

Crime & Sex Offender Links

General Neighborhood Information

County Property Records

This information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed, and is not a complete list of available resources. John Blacksmith and Lake & Company do not guarantee any information from the sites listed above; the list is meant as a starting point in your research. It is important that you conduct research to your own satisfaction. 

Having happily lived in my home for three months, I often call John with questions about oil tanks, floor refinishers, painters, childcare, even restaurants. He consistently is the best resource I have found.
— C. Hebner, M.D. (Buyer)